1. Sigvard - Breath Of Infinity EP

  2. Marco Bailey - Xytrik EP
    Marco Bailey

  3. MATERIA021
    Marco Bailey

  4. Marco Bailey & Sigvard - Meteorite Impact EP
    Marco Bailey, Sigvard

  5. Marco Bailey - Electrip EP
    Marco Bailey

  6. Michel Lauriola - Changed Society EP
    Michel Lauriola

  7. Skov Bowden - Fentanyl EP
    Skov Bowden

  8. Cristian Varela - Prognosis EP
    Cristian Varela

  9. Raul Young - Y00Z Experience EP
    Raul Young

  10. Sigvard - Mind Over Hats EP

  11. Gabor Kraft - Rubin EP
    Gabor Kraft

  12. Marco Bailey - Days Of Yore EP
    Marco Bailey

  13. Marco Bailey & David Schwarz - Blaze (The Remixes)
    Marco Bailey

  14. Zisko - Holographic Reality EP

  15. Arnaud Le Texier - Urshanabi EP
    Arnaud Le Texier

  16. Deas - Dark Illusion EP

  17. Electric Rescue - Blurred Thoughts EP
    Electric Rescue

  18. Michel Lauriola - Poetic Distraction EP
    Michel Lauriola

  19. Marco Bailey - Vibes EP
    Marco Bailey

  20. Pearl Vision - Two Tribes EP
    Pearl Vision

  21. Wlderz - A Long Way Off EP

  22. Various Artists - Conjunctions

  23. Linear Straight - Moon Excursions EP
    Linear Straight

  24. Marco Bailey - Never Rust EP
    Marco Bailey

  25. Kyle Geiger - Shift In Thought EP
    Kyle Geiger

  26. Marco Bailey - Clout EP
    marco bailey

  27. Kas:st - The Light At The End Of The Tunnel EP

  28. Marco Bailey - The Reworks EP
    Marco Bailey

  29. Marco Bailey - Red Floor / Blue Floor
    Marco Bailey

  30. Robert S (PT) - General EP
    Robert S (PT)

  31. Alex Bau - Magnitude EP
    Alex Bau

  32. Marco Bailey & Dany Rodriguez - Meeting Forces EP
    Marco Bailey, Dany Rodriguez

  33. Valentinø - My Way EP

  34. Yotam Avni - No Guilt No Harm EP
    Yotam Avni

  35. Marco Bailey - Acid Dragon EP
    Marco Bailey

  36. Ruhbarb - Ledda EP

  37. Emmanuel Top - Festival Suicide EP
    Emmanuel Top

  38. Marco Bailey - Temper LP (The Remixes - Part 1)
    Marco Bailey

  39. Marco Bailey - Temper LP
    Marco Bailey

  40. Various Artists - Different Angles
    Svarog, Deepbass, Steve Parker, Ruhbarb, Ben Long, Hans Bouffmyhre

  41. Samuel L Session - Railed EP

  42. Marco Bailey - Icefyre EP (incl. Setaoc Mass / Viels remixes)
    Marco Bailey, Setaoc Mass, Viels

  43. Marco Bailey - Thorn EP (incl. Moteka remix)
    Marco Bailey, Moteka

  44. Miki Craven - Decade EP (incl. The Advent remixes)
    Miki Craven, The Advent

  45. Marco Bailey - Return Of Ryuu EP (incl. Edit Select / Conrad Van Orton remixes)


Materia Belgium

What is MATERIA? A journey where the want, need & desire to feel the real techno sound is understood. Where music lovers can digest the passion in the percussion, the energy of people all around the world intertwined and coming together, experience the sensation of letting go. MATERIA is a pure musical journey! ... more

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